When we started this firm our goal was to offer a client focused, efficient, and results based approach to the practice of municipal, planning, and expropriations law. We created a business model that allows us to operate with as little overhead as possible which enables us to offer superior legal services at reasonable rates. The firm has a broad range of clients, large and small, and we serve our clients within the scope of our expertise. When our clients require services outside of our expertise, we are pleased to assist them with securing those services from qualified professionals. We have been very successful in meeting our goals and fulfilling our clients’ expectations.

The firm’s partners all share the same passion and enthusiasm when it comes to municipal, planning and expropriations law. We feel fortunate to work with each other and enjoy the work that we do and our collegial office environment. We have very different backgrounds and interests and the diversity in our personalities benefits our practice by permitting us to explore different approaches and ideas respecting our clients’ issues. For more information about our partners, please click on Our Lawyers or contact any one of us directly by telephone or email. .